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1 EDUCATION 1.Reinforce skills already acquired,
2.Training on business creation,
3.Training on new information and communicationtechnologies,
4.Exchange between young people and youth camp,
6.Construction of infrastructures needed for providing training
for youth workers and animators
7.Organization of Study visit( tourist attraction)

1.Encourage young people to practice farming as an income generating remunerative activity,
2.Vocational training for enabling young people to carry out exercise profitable, gainful activities

3 HEALTH 1. Prepare programs to inform young people about the harmful effects of drug, tobacco and alcohol abuse,
2. Train youth workers on health issues of particular interest to young people including the adoption of healthy lifestyles,
3. Encourage research on the harmful effects of drug, tobacco, and alcohol abuse.
4. Raise awareness among young people about HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment.
4 DRUG ABUSE 1. Development of prevention education programs highlighting the dangers of drugs,,
2.Work for the implementation of programs to reduce the demand for illicit drugs.
5 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY Developement of education and employment programs for young people, especially during the summer in holidays.
6 INTEGRATION 1.Organize activities that bring together different nationalities to promote, cohesion between people of different cultures,
2. Orientation of young foreigners who wish to find the services they need.
7 LEISURE,ART AND CULTURE Organize cultural, sporting and artistic activities to strengthen the development of young people's psychological, cognitive and physical skills.
8 GLOBALIZATION Help young people understand the effects of globalization and its unfortunate repercussionsat on the economic and social level, in order to be able to reduce any negative effects it may have while medy it and maximizing the benefits it offers to young people.
9 INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGIES 1. Promote access of young people to information and communication technologies,
2. Provide training in the use of information and communications technologies,
3.Protect young people from the dangers to which information and communications technologies may expose to them.
10 HUMAN RIGHTS Contribute to the promotion of human rights, in particular the safeguarding of the rights of children and young people.
11 ENVIRONMENT 1. Contribute to the dissemination of information on environmental issues,
2.Strengthen the participation of young people in the protection, preservation and improvement of the environment,
4. Provide education in environmental protection and prevention.

  • Youth meeting,
  • internship and job opportunity,volunteering,
  • youth exchange and development,
  • strategic partnership,etc